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Just Start | Finding Your "Thing"

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I've wanted to start this "thing" for a while now. I used the word thing because honestly, I didn't exactly know what it would be. Ever since I finished playing college basketball at Quinnipiac University I have been searching for a way to stay involved with the game of basketball and not just for my benefit but in order to help other players. I wanted to find a way to make an impact in people's lives while doing something that I truly enjoyed. So I started creating YouTube videos and documenting my life, while sharing what I knew about the game of basketball. Then I started creating shorter form videos for Instagram and now I'm even on TikTok. Not everyone is a fan of social media and they shouldn't have to be...But they do need to realize the abundance of opportunities there are to provide value to people with practically no barrier to entry. Anyone can do it, from anywhere, anytime and any place. So although I knew my passion was centered around basketball and athletics, I never realized how much of an impact I could make on players all over the world until I decided to take action and put myself out there. It would almost be selfish of me to not provide information that I've learned from all of the great coaches and mentors that I've had in my lifetime, and to be quite frank I've grown to love being on camera, so those two things combined have brought me to where I am today. I'm eager to begin my coaching career and continue to release enormous amounts of content to the world and help not just players on my team, but players EVERYWHERE.

So although I'm not very far into this journey of finding my "thing", I can 100% say without a doubt that the actions I've taken to start documenting my life and sharing it with who ever is willing to listen, has brought me a whole new sense of purpose and motivation to continue doing what I'm doing. I promise the rest of these blogs will not just be centered around me and my story, because one of the main things I've learned is that bringing value to others and giving is so much more rewarding than receiving something in return. So I'll leave you with this, that "thing" that I always wanted to start came from just be willing to share my daily life, basketball tips and whatever was on my mind without worrying about who was watching or what other people would say. Often times that is what holds us back, so if there is an idea or project that you want to start, even if you're not really sure what it is just yet, take the first step and just be willing to put yourself out there and eventually that "thing" will turn into "something" that you could've never imagined!

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Jen Fay

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